Unity Licenses can be purchased Here or through the Purchases tab of Unity Server or by emailing orders@unityintercom.com


Unity Server Base License

To purchase a base Unity Intercom system, download the trial version of Unity Server then click the "Upgrades" tab in the Unity Settings. The Unity Base License includes three concurrent user licenses.
Click here to download Unity Server

Unity License Upgrades

Additional users can be added to your Unity system at any time. You can buy multiple 2, 5, or 10 user packs up to a total of 58 users.
Add additional Users in the Upgrades tab of Unity Server.
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If you need to get audio into or out of your Unity Intercom system, the Audio I/O option will allow you to use an audio interface (USB, Firewire, DANTE Virtual Soundcard, etc.) to get audio directly into and out of each of the 6 PL (partyline) channels from an external system, whether that's another comm system, an audio recorder, or some other audio device.
Add the Audio I/O option through the Upgrades tab in Unity Server.
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If you are using Unity Intercom with a video mixer, we can take the tally signal from most mixers and pass it into Unity Server and then assign it to your Unity users. Then, when you take that camera input, that user's device will light red, or if you mixer supports it, green for Preview tally.
Add the Tally option through the Upgrades tab in Unity Server.
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Unity Intercom Full Price List and Requirements


Unity Base License - $499.99

  • Includes 3 User Licenses.

Unity supports up to 63 simultaneous users. which can be purchased in the following packages (available in the "Upgrades" tab on the Unity Server app, running on your Mac): You must purchase the Unity Intercom Base License before you can purchase any of the other licenses and options below.


Additional Licenses

2 User License Pack - $199.99


5 User License Pack - $449.99


10 User License - $799.99

Unity Intercom Modules

Unity I/O License - $199.99

This module allows Unity to pass audio into and out of the computer. You can use the I/O Module to tie to existing intercom systems (Clear-Com, Telex, etc.)

Please note: In order to utilize this module, you must purchase an audio I/O device that will connect to both your existing comm system and Unity.


Unity Advanced Program Feed - $399.99

Allows user-selectable program feeds and the ability to pan the program feed between the left and right ears when using a headset.


Unity Tally License - $499.99

This module allows Unity to integrate with Tally information coming from your video switcher. The iOS devices will show (on-screen) Preview (green) and Program (red) Tally lights. You can also configure (in the server software) a Talent Tally, allowing the flashlight of your iOS device to come on with Program Tally.

Please note: If you are using a Blackmagic Design ATEM Switcher, this module will work with no additional hardware. If you are using a different video switcher, you must purchase our Universal Tally Interface


Unity Online Status GPIO - $199.00

Triggers a output relay to indicate that a user is currently logged in and available. Requires an additional Unity GPIO output relay device (sold separately).


Unity Intercom Requirements.


Unity Server Computer : Unity Intercom requires a dedicated Mac computer for the Unity Server, the minimum spec is an entry level Mac mini. Clients planning on using more than 20 user licenses at the same time should have 8GB of memory. NOTE : Older Macs using Core2 Duo processors or older are NOT supported. ( 2007 - 2008 approximately )

Unity Clients : Unity works very well on an iPhone 4s and above, and for Android the minimum operating system is 4.1. For iPods, it's the 16GB versions and above running at least iOS 8.

Wireless Networks : Unity can work fine on many dedicated 2.4 GHz wireless networks however they can be prone to breakups and interference especially in environments that become crowded therefore using Unity on a 5 GHz dedicated network is strongly recommended for best results.

Headsets for Unity : Many headsets designed to work with smart phones which also have a mic will work, for example Apple Earbuds work just fine but can't provide any noise cancellation and are not recommended for noisy environments. We recommend the headsets in our store which we have researched and tested and have noise canceling mics and earpieces. Bluetooth headsets will now work with Unity, however please note that a longer audio delay will occur when using any Bluetooth headset and the overall audio quality is lower when using most Bluetooth headsets. High Def Bluetooth headsets are a better audio experience.