Changing the way you do audio

Unity Intercom 2.0 is HERE!

• All new Server interface
• Direct Talk notifications
• Split Program Feed
  (Program one side, Comm the other)
• Multiple Program Feeds to choose from
• Program Feed Ducking
• Direct Talk Ducking
• Even better audio quality
• Improved network connectivity


New! Push to Talk Button

Unity Intercom has added a custom PTT inline button to the store! Now you can give any iOS/Android headset PTT abilities! Keep your device in your pocket and just press the button to talk on Unity.

In Stock Now!

Unity Markets


For the second year in a row Unity was a big success at NAB in Las Vegas

Interview at NAB 2016 that quickly explains Unity Intercom


At the end of the day, Unity was a great asset to us. Being able to download the client and have another person on WIRELESS intercom was irreplaceable. It’s flexibility provided options we had previously not even realized.

- Jameson Giebler, Technical Director 
Crossroads Church


It’s User Interface is simple and elegant. The learning curve is about 30 seconds. Programming the server could not be simpler. Audio quality and clarity are beyond description and the pricing is so reasonable, it’s hard to believe. This is truly the Swiss Army Knife of Intercoms. I for one, will NEVER do another show without Unity in my back pocket.'

- Jess Heimlich, Owner
Digital Communication Systems

The Unity Intercom system has been extremely useful to FOX’s 2015 Women’s World Cup coverage. Unity integrated seamlessly into a large scale RTS Matrix environment, solving short and long-haul wireless communication needs across the entire country of Canada. It’s definitely a permanent part of my communications toolkit from now on.

- Mike Gilman, CTO
Gilman Technologies, Inc.