Unity Server

The Unity Server app is a lightweight app that runs in the background of your Mac. The Unity settings window allows you to configure each of your users and what permissions they have for each channel. This is also where you configure optional features like camera tally and audio inputs and outputs. Download Here

Users — Ultimate flexibility

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You can create as many users as you like but you can only Enable as many users as you've purchased licenses for. It's easy to purchase additional users as your Unity system grows using the in-app store. Need more users for a big event? Just a couple of minutes and they are ready to go.

This is also where you assign permissions to your users. When each Unity user logs into their mobile device, they are allowed to see and use different parts of the Unity system. In the example below, Chuck has Admin privileges so that he can All-Page and Unlatch all open mics. When Chuck hits the All-Page button, he stops all communication on his Talk-enabled channels and can speak to all of those channels at once while he holds the All-Page button. The Unlatch button does just that. It unlatches all open (VOX enabled) users on his Talk-enabled channels. This is handy for when a user has left a mic open in a noisy environment.

In the example above, Chuck, Shawn, Michael and Mike make up the camera crew. Shawn, Michael and Mike are camera operators and can talk to and listen to each other. Chuck can also talk and listen to the production crew, the nursery team and the other "managers" that are on the ADMIN channel. He can also listen to the conversation on the Security channel. Patty can listen to the camera channel but has permission to talk and listen on the Production channel. Donna runs the show so she can talk and listen to the Production channel to help remind the camera director, Chuck, what is coming next while helping Patty get the next graphics cued up while reminding Todd at front-of-house to play a particular sound effect. Bill is the head of security so he can talk and listen to several channels to keep the managers in the loop while the rest of his security team can only talk and listen to each other.