Here’s the B.S……. ( it’s short for Broadcast Station and it costs a very small fraction of what the industry is used to. )

Broadcast Station is a product for your talent, giving them real-time local audio with full integration to Unity Intercom for talkback/IFB purposes. It can be used both in the field and in-studio for both radio and TV applications.  Broadcast Station (BS for short - might as well embrace the abbreviation! ), provides individual talkback/local/cough buttons for each talent connection (up to 8 talent can be connected at one time), and also supports industry standard broadcast headsets as well as wireless mics and in-ear-monitors for IFB.  Connections are available for individual broadcast sends, local real-time program feed (minus all local talent), and on-air status relay closures for gating talent mics and audio routes.

It solves the in-the-field problem of providing mix-minus, since BS allows the talent to hear themselves real-time regardless of the link-latency back to the remote station.

The hardware portion of BS comes in a portable 6U rack with wheels, but can be ‘kitted’ for custom installation purposes.  It uses a combination of commercial components with a few custom pieces (primarily for the talkback button interfaces).

The custom software piece runs only on a Mac computer, once again leveraging the power of OSX Core Audio functionality. For mobile applications, this would normally be a laptop such as a MacBook Pro. For in-studio use, it can be virtually any Mac computer produced in the last 9 years.



Unity Broadcast Station is a combination software and hardware solution that works seamlessly in conjunction with Unity Intercom to provide a complete end-to-end modern broadcast solution and in many cases is the missing piece that will combine Unity and real-time IFB audio for in studio use.

Unity Broadcast Station hardware consists of four professional audio components and a special proprietary audio switch that are rack mounted in a 6U portable case.  This hardware connects to a single Mac computer via either a USB-A or USB-C connection. As many as 8 users (talent), can be connected to a single Broadcast Station and up to 8 local program feeds or mix-minus audio sources can be delivered real-time to any or all 8 users.

Unity Broadcast Station implements all local/remote talent-to-talent mixing in software, which eliminates the need for an on-site audio console in many broadcast situations.  Local talent audio can optionally be interrupted (IFB) by authorized Unity users, either fully or proportionately. Talkback switches provide back-channel communications from the talent back to the director/producer locations.  Since the audio switching is done in software, the switching is completely silent.


Unity Broadcast Station hardware supports industry standard broadcast headsets as well as wireless UHF/VHF headset/ear-set/monitor integration.  Headset connections are XLR / ¼ inch mono, but the ¼ inch headset output connection can be bypassed to provide direct balanced audio connections for a multitude of applications.

The Broadcast Station brings Unity Intercom technology into environments where real-time audio is required and is a huge cost savings compared to traditional broadcast production.

Unity Broadcast Station is already in use in select TV stations across America and is poised to be a huge comms industry innovation. Unity Broadcast Station eliminates the need in many cases for an expensive Frame Unit all together and costs a fraction of what traditional technology would cost.