Unity Now Supports Bluetooth!


Big News! Unity Intercom has just released a major update (version 2.0.3) which adds full support for all Bluetooth headsets and also adds a very popular feature called Audio Boost.

First things first, now that Unity supports Bluetooth the doors are wide open for headset options however it should be noted that Bluetooth headset audio is generally much lower overall quality than a wired headset. For active noise cancellation and use in loud environments the headsets in our Unity store are highly recommended. All Bluetooth technology does have some inherent latency.

Audio Boost, this new feature allows users to boost the level of the incoming audio beyond the normal range to help in loud environment situations. This new feature is available for free as part of this update and is found by going into Settings and scrolling all the way to the bottom.

Note: This feature may boost the audio to a point where distortion and clipping can occur.

These great updates are available now by simply updating the Unity Intercom app.