October Announcements!

Things have been very exciting here as Unity is growing and expanding rapidly into many different markets and into many different countries all over the world! It has been exciting to hear about all the amazing ways Unity products are being used everyday. Unity Connect was even used recently for a broadcast from the Arctic Tundra!

Here's Whats New!

  • Announcing Unity's Wireless Bluetooth Push To Talk Button! Model # PTT-BLU. This is an ultra reliable wireless Bluetooth Push to Talk button. The Push to Talk button press instantly triggers "Talk" with no delay unlike the hard-wired inline options. Now Available in the Unity Store!


  • New Setting : Single-Channel Talk Mode. This is a very handy setting that only allows users to select one talk channel at a time. This means that as you select a new talk channel it will turn off the previous talk channel. This is extremely helpful in preventing accidentally talking over multiple party-line channels. Available now.


  • New Low Cost Headset Options! We have 2 new options for wired headsets both a single and a dual that are under $100! Check out the JB30's available now. We are also in the process of adding even more options!



Important Bluetooth Technical Clarification:

Now that Unity is fully Bluetooth compatible we want to clear up any confusion about previous warnings regarding Bluetooth and Unity. It is true that if you are running Unity on WiFi on a 2.4GHz network Bluetooth can interfere with the signal and create audio pops and hiccups.

Some older documentation and videos do warn about using Bluetooth without clarifying that it is OK as long as you are on a 5GHz network; we will make every effort to update our training materials. Unity always performs best on 5GHz networks.

We have a few more exciting things that we just aren't ready to share yet so stay tuned for more!