Unity just got updated!

Alright folks, a new Unity update just hit the iTunes store for iOS. We had some feedback at NAB that our sidetone volume wasn't loud enough so we've changed that as well as made it so that you can't have sidetone without a headset plugged in, duh...

We've also made the touch targets for the three buttons at the top of the screen larger so that they're easier to hit. When we were doing demos of Unity from the NAB booth, we found that it was hard to hit the buttons when we were upside down from the device (like when we were showing someone else the interface). This may not be an issue for most users but it bothered us so we changed it.

There are a few other bug fixes as well. Mostly stuff that didn't show up unless there was a very specific condition. You may or may not notice those changes. The app store description is listed below. As always, let us know if you find any issues and we'll jump right on them.

What's New in Version 1.2.2

• Disables sidetone when not using a headset to avoid garbled audio or feedback
• Sidetone max volume has been significantly increased
• Current software version is now displayed at the bottom of the Settings page
• The Settings, Log Out and Users buttons touch target has been increased for easier use
• The User page no longer chops off the last user on the page
• The Login screen now slides up to better accommodate keyboard entry