Jesus uses Unity!

This is just too good not to share. We have a church that's using Unity for all kinds of things and they're fun because every time we talk to them they are using Unity for something totally new. I got this email from our contact there not long ago and had to share.

During our 2014 Christmas Production we had a problem that, amazingly, we already owned the solution for and just didn’t know it. Our problem was that along with needing Audio, Lights, Video, Stage Manager and Director all in communication, we also needed our “Jesus on the Cross” and “Tomb Stone Roller” to be in communication. We originally considered giving them both wireless IEM setups. We realized this was not advantageous because it was expensive and our band needed them worse. Then we had an “Ah-Ha” moment. Why not just give Jesus and the Tomb guy a set of headphones and Unity? We did just that. We used a set of red headphones for Jesus. Our makeup artist did an excellent job of turning the red cable into blood down Jesus’ back. He then carefully hid Jesus’ own iPhone in the back of his tunic. With Unity loaded and ready on Channel 5, Jesus was able to solely hear the director’s calls. He also had program feed so that he could here what our Pastor was saying. This allowed him to hit every cue with ease. It even helped us during one of our services when our pastor missed a whole section of notes. The Director pulled an audible and coached Jesus through the mix-up. The audience didn’t have a clue. When it came time to roll the stone back, our “Tomb Guy” was listening on channel 3 and perfectly hit the cue to pull the stone back. This happened just as the lights and sound also popped on cue.

At the end of the day, Unity was a great asset to us. Being able to download the client and have another person on WIRELESS intercom was irreplaceable. It’s flexibility provided options we had previously not even realized.

Thanks Unity Intercom for being so great, even Jesus uses it.

So, I don't know if you picked up on it or not but, that, my friends, is IFB. Interruptable Fold Back (IFB) is basically a system that allows producers to talk to on-air talent. We've all seen the cliché "This just in..." as the reporter holds their finger to their ear. That's IFB. There are several flavors of IFB and many uses for it. You can do what Jesus did and just set up your talent so they are "Listen Only" on a channel and then give only your producer "Talk/Listen" privilege on that same channel. That's a simple way to get IFB functionality right now with Unity. Just wait though, because we may have a surprise coming...