Post NAB Wrapup

Well, that was crazy!

NAB 2015 was our debut appearance and we had a pretty good idea what we wanted to accomplish but, man, did we have our sights set wrong. First off, thank you so much to everyone who came by the booth and visited with us. We had such a large crowd the first two days of the show that we were causing a bit of a traffic problem in the aisle. Then on Wednesday we were featured as a New Vendor Spotlight in the NABShow Daily News and we had another rush of visitors. Thursday gave us a bit of a breather but the conversations we had that day were some of the most important. We were hoping to make a small little ripple at NAB and get some attention but what actually happened is that we created a bit of a tsunami! Insiders call Thursday "vendor day" because that's when all of the vendors take the time to go around the show floor to visit with other vendors and check out their wares. The conversations we had on Thursday were quite entertaining. 

We don't even know who this guy is, he just grabbed some of our stuff for a feature he was shooting! If this is you, CONTACT US!

We don't even know who this guy is, he just grabbed some of our stuff for a feature he was shooting! If this is you, CONTACT US!

First off, we received confirmation that all of the hard work we've been pouring into Unity was well spent. It was fun walking people through the features during a demonstration and having them say something like "Cool!" then to show them that we were only half way through the demo. Direct Talk is a feature that allows users to have a private conversation with another user. If that user is offline, you can even send them a Push Notification and ask them to get on Unity so you can talk with them. This feature was a big hit. Lots of people were blown away by this. But then we would show them how you can send a tally signal from your video mixer into Unity Server and out to your users' devices and that pushed many people over the top. We had several people that said they'd buy Unity just for the tally feature alone!

Second, we got some absolutely fantastic feedback. We never really intended to go after something more than the traditional two-wire intercom customer but what we kept hearing was that we were already so much more than that, and that just a few small tweaks would allow Unity to be deployed into much, MUCH larger environments. We may have had aspirations of a larger version of Unity in the future but we weren't looking to jump into that market headfirst. What we learned from some of the really big players in the intercom world is that we were way closer to features the really big guys have been wanting than we realized. 

I think that was the biggest take-away for us from NAB 2015. Intercom systems have been relatively stagnant for a long time; maybe even decades. I believe, from our response, that Unity Intercom is a completely fresh take on what end-users are looking for in an intercom system. We had so many people that shared the same "I hate my comm system but it's what everyone uses..." sentiment. Unity Intercom is exactly what everyone wanted without even knowing it. This should be a fun ride. Buckle up!