About DCS

DCS is the exclusive rental partner for Unity Intercom.

We are a Fully Dedicated Team because of our Experienced Engineers, Quality Software and our Customer Retention every-time, all the time.

DCS in partnership with Unity Intercom provides all the communication for the remote production of A&E's Live TV Show "Live PD". Hire DCS for your next project!

Our Exclusive System and Team of Engineers have decades of experience with Omneo, Dante, Truck bussing, Trunking, RVON, MADI, 4 Wire Integration, Virtual Software solutions, LIVE REMOTE & STUDIO PRODUCTIONS in the fields of News, Sports and Entertainment.

We have more SATISFIED & RETURN clients in the News and Sports Business than any other Communications Company in the United States. Our business is dedicated to service and customer support. We prove it time and time again. Let us prove it to you!

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