What are the system requirements?

Unity is designed as a very lightweight application. The Unity Server will run on any Mac with OS X 10.8 or newer. The Unity iOS app will run on any iOS 7 and newer device. 

How much does Unity cost?

Please check HERE for our pricing modules.

What headsets work with Unity?

The answer is if you can make a cell phone call with the headset, it will work with Unity.

What kind of network do I need to make Unity work?

Unity transmits data over the network using UDP. By default, almost any network should work just fine with Unity. There are some limitations to this but they are very specific and are usually intentional limitations imposed by network administrators. While we recommend hard-wiring your Unity Server to the network, it isn’t necessary. In fact, since an internet connection isn’t required, you can use Unity for on-location shoots where all you have is a laptop creating an ad-hoc network!  

My Unity devices can’t find the Unity Server.

Unity uses Bonjour for automatic discovery. If your network is configured in such a way that Bonjour traffic isn’t allowed you can manually configure Unity to connect directly to the server. All you need is the IP address and port number of the Unity Server computer for each of your devices to connect without using Bonjour. 

Does Unity work over the cellular data?

Unity DOES work over a cellular network! You will have to know the external IP address of your Unity Server computer and configure your Unity devices to connect manually. Once you do this, Unity will operate just like if you were standing next the the server on the same network. This allows your users to be offsite and still stay connected to everyone else on the Unity system.